3 sizable offseason wins for Commanders GM Adam Peters in 2024

The new general manager is off to a sensational start.
Adam Peters
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Adam Peters had a significant amount of work ahead during his first offseason. The Washington Commanders entrusted the progressive thinker with revamping a roster in desperate need of energy. It's the first step in his long-term plans, but the impression left was notable.

Peters is in the front-office leadership role for the first time, but his previous experience has served him well. He's been around winning organizations and profitable formulas previously - something the Commanders are looking to reap the benefits from in the coming years.

There's a long way to go. Peters knows this is going to be a gradual process into contention. He's achieved success everywhere and prepared well for this opportunity. His aggressive approach coupled with strategic development only raised optimism about what might be ahead under his leadership.

With this in mind, here are three sizable wins achieved by Peters during his first offseason at the helm.

Commanders' improved collaboration

To say it was chaotic during Dan Snyder's ownership behind the scenes would be an understatement. The Washington Commanders descended into a laughingstock as a result, but Adam Peters wasted no time in shifting the culture positively.

Peters instilled a sense of professionalism and collaboration that was sorely lacking. There's a chain of command, but everyone's opinion matters from top to bottom. Thanks to some outstanding front-office hires since the draft concluded, expect this trend to continue moving forward.

Having this sound working relationship and an extra sense of trust within the building is night and day from how things were run when Snyder held absolute power. That won't guarantee the correct decisions will be made, but it improves the Commanders' chances exponentially.

This method is something Peters helped implement during his time with the San Francisco 49ers. It's easy to forget the NFC West outfit was going through some hard times before their front-office shakeup. Now, they are perennial Super Bowl contenders and one of the league's best-run franchises for good measure.

Hopefully, Peters can have a similar impact on the Commanders when it's all said and done.