3 recently added Commanders who are already cut candidates in 2024

These Commanders players will be looking to avoid short tenures with the team.
Noah Igbinoghene
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Adam Peters turned over almost half the roster during his first offseason as Washington Commanders' general manager. Nobody cared too much about that considering how things unfolded throughout Ron Rivera's four years at the helm. Almost every fan welcomed the prospect as the franchise looks to become a serious outfit once again.

Peters has much more to do. He'll turn over every stone to ensure the Commanders are more competitive next season. Raising competition for the places was an important step - something that can help increase focus and performance levels after most went through the motions in 2023.

Players will wage war with one another for starting spots, depth chart positions, and places on the 53-man roster over Washington's training camp. Anyone still around will get a legitimate chance to prove themselves. But make no mistake, Peters won't hesitate to dispose of more players - whether new to the franchise or holdovers from the previous regime - if he feels like it's the right thing to do.

With this in mind, here are three recently added Commanders players who already look like potential cut candidates before Week 1 at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ramiz Ahmed - Commanders K

The Washington Commanders looked set at the kicking position when veteran Brandon McManus was signed relatively early in the recruitment process. His production took a dip last time around, but he represented an immediate upgrade on previous starter Joey Slye. However, concerning revelations meant his spell with the franchise was short-lived.

Allegations of sexual assault during his time with the Jacksonville Jaguars meant he became a problem the Commanders didn't need. The new regime made a huge statement of intent. Anyone not displaying the correct character away from the gridiron will be shown the door.

Ramiz Ahmed came on board as the team's kicker soon after. His place on the 53-man roster is far from assured when one factors everything into the equation.

The life of an NFL kicker is especially fragile. Ahmed doesn't have any legitimate competition for his spot right now, but it would be surprising to see that stay the same either before or during camp.

Anything less than consistency and increasing confidence won't bode well for Ahmed's chances.