Dan Quinn issues warning to Commanders players after veteran release

The message is clear.
Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It was almost going too well for the Washington Commanders this offseason.

With momentum building and positivity rising about what this organization might be capable of under the new regime, a wrench was thrown into their preparations for the 2024 campaign. And the circumstances attached hit close to home.

Brandon McManus' sexual assault allegations in an upcoming civil suit were enough for the Commanders to cut ties with the veteran kicker before he'd played a competitive down. After all the disgrace, scandal, and everything in between during Dan Snyder's ownership, Washington couldn't afford any dark cloud returning so soon into the team's rebuilding project.

Dan Quinn urges Commanders players to be transparent

Dan Quinn didn't want to discuss much about McManus' release given the circumstances. He revealed to the media when the Commanders found out about the allegations, but that's about it. However, the head coach used this as a teaching method and gave a warning to his players regarding the importance of opening up based on comments via the team's website.

"I can't comment a lot, but what I can say is a little bit about what I told the team and I think like most things, not necessarily related to this, but as a lesson, let's make sure you always let somebody know and tell them. There's usually a whole bunch of people that wanna be part of the solution. And so when you have that, whether that's for this team or any team or a parent, that kind of communication allows you to come up with some solutions. So, like I said, not specific to this, but it was just a good lesson to always have that conversation. It's usually much more difficult in your head than it is really having the actual conversation. And so just wanted to make sure I got a lesson out to the guys as we're going through it. So, we did release [K] Brandon [McManus]. I found out some of the information on May 27 and then we released him on June 3."

Dan Quinn via Commanders.com

The same things that slid under Snyder - who built a toxic environment that eventually resulted in being forced to sell - won't be sliding under the new men in charge. They have grand plans to turn the Commanders around and make them a respected franchise once again. Anyone not keeping to these high standards will be shown the door.

Transparency, working together as a cohesive unit, and building chemistry have been strong focal points for Quinn during his early forage into another head coaching chance. McManus' situation wasn't ideal. However, it gave him a chance to reaffirm how vital this culture shift is going to be moving forward.

Passengers or those who make bad choices won't last long. McManus' guilt or innocence is moot. The Commanders are trying to restore their reputation around the league, not tarnish it further. Once players know the rules, they must adhere to them or face the consequences.

Whether McManus' fate would have altered had he come clean about the potential for these allegations to become something more is anyone's guess. Probably not, but the fact it wasn't divulged until the situation became public knowledge didn't sit well with those in power.

An example was rightfully made of McManus. After Quinn's warning, everyone associated with the franchise should tread carefully.