3 reasons Sam Howell should be Commanders QB1 in 2024

Has Sam Howell done enough to be QB1 next season?

Sam Howell
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Sam Howell deserves a proper evaluation with upgrades

Sam Howell has been making the best of a bad situation this season. Things around the quarterback aren't exactly stable on or off the field, which makes his production all the more impressive when one factors every circumstance into the equation.

Howell's offensive line is an absolute abomination. Some wide receivers haven't met lofty expectations, the tight end room is inconsistent despite flashing, and the defense doesn't give him any chance whatsoever more often than not.

Eric Bieniemy cannot seem to get the running game going with any frequency, either. This has put a significant amount of pressure on Howell's shoulders, which simply cannot continue if the Washington Commanders want to get out of their current slump.

When the new coaching regime comes into the fold, they'll have their own ideas on how best to take the franchise forward. However, Howell's earned the right to a proper evaluation in 2024 with upgraded protection, better skill position options, and a defense that can hopefully come together during the offseason once the right reinforcements arrive.

Of course, it could go the other way for Howell.

The Commanders could be in a position to draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye if their freefall continues over the next five games. This is a splash Josh Harris' ownership group might find difficult to ignore with two second-rounders to fortify the offensive line.

Time will tell on that front. But giving Howell a fair chance next season with better options across the board could be worth its weight in gold.