3 reasons the Commanders are an attractive head coaching destination in 2024

The winds of change make the Commanders an intriguing head coaching destination.
Josh Harris
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There are reasons to suggest the Washington Commanders could become one of the NFL's most coveted head coaching destinations in 2024.

It seems for all the smart money as if Ron Rivera's time with the Washington Commanders will come to an end when the 2023 season concludes. The head coach is being permitted the dignity of seeing out the campaign, but a fourth-straight losing year since taking charge means the writing is firmly on the wall.

Big changes are coming. Josh Harris' ownership group didn't shell out $6.05 billion for the Commanders to settle for mediocrity. They want to build a perennial contender on the field and an industry leader off it.

That's going to take time. The process can be sped up by hiring the correct people right out of the gate this offseason. And make no mistake, every candidate selected for an interview will be looking at the Commanders' pending openings a lot differently than in previous years.

With this in mind, here are three reasons why Washington's head coaching gig is one of the league's most coveted in 2024.

Commanders have a bevy of draft picks

After the Washington Commanders traded Chase Young and Montez Sweat before the deadline, they officially started planning for the future. This gives any new head coach a plethora of high-end NFL Draft picks in 2024. Something that should speed up the rebuilding process considerably.

Washington might boast a top-three selection depending on how things play out over the last four games. They have five picks in the top 100 - three of those in the top 42 currently. This will be enticing for any prospective head coach or general manager.

Of course, there are plenty of needs to fill. But a good 2024 NFL Draft with so much capital would be a tremendous place to start.