3 prospects the Commanders could regret passing on in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Which talented prospects could the Washington Commanders regret passing on during their recent 2023 NFL Draft exploits?

It was a fascinating approach from the Washington Commanders during the 2023 NFL Draft. Six of their seven selections centered around cornerback, the offensive line, and edge rusher, which was something of a surprise considering the presence of Eric Bieiniemy as a primary decision-maker.

Bieniemy did get another skill position weapon in the form of running back Chris Rodriguez Jr. But this draft will be defined by Sam Howell and whether ignoring a rich crop of quarterback prospects was the right call to make.

Only time will tell in that regard. If Howell cannot meet expectations and the Commanders struggle then the new ownership group won't hesitate to make the necessary changes if they feel like it's the best thing to do.

With that being said, here are three prospects the Commanders might regret passing on during the 2023 NFL Draft when it's all said and done.

Prospect No. 1

O'Cyrus Torrence / Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

Commanders could regret passing on O'Cyrus Torrence

When O'Cyrus Torrence fell out of the first round and into the Washington Commanders' lap at No. 47 overall, it was seen as a gift from the football gods. One that those in power chose to ignore.

Instead of fortifying their interior protection with arguably the best prospect in this class, the Commanders opted to bring in their second consecutive defensive back in the form of Quan Martin. Something that provoked outrage among sections of the fanbase on social media.

Torrence eventually went to the Buffalo Bills, where he'll get an instant chance to assist their quest for a long-awaited Super Bowl triumph under this current regime.