3 potential landing spots for Eric Bieniemy after Commanders exit

The resPected offensive mind was let go by the Commanders.

Eric Bieniemy
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Eric Bieniemy could join the Chiefs

Hindsight is a wonderful thing to have. Had Eric Bieniemy read the Washington Commanders' situation a little differently and spurned the chance to join what many believed to be a lame-duck head coach in Ron Rivera, he'd be preparing for another Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs right now.

Bieniemy should not be criticized for wanting to go it alone. He felt getting out of Andy Reid's shadow was the best option en route to becoming an NFL head coach one day. It didn't come off, but he's still held in the highest regard by players and coaches alike within the AFC West set-up.

While Reid is a little busy looking for back-to-back championships this weekend, discussing the prospect of bringing Bieniemy back into the fold is something that will come up as part of their offseason planning. The benefits are obvious and the continuity is another bonus. But it's not going to be in the offensive coordinator spot he held previously thanks to the presence of Matt Nagy.

The Chiefs didn't do much to prevent Bieniemy from leaving. They saw it as natural career growth with Reid going nowhere anytime soon. Allowing Bieniemy to re-join the ranks would be seen as a step back for many, but the timing of his Commanders' departure means options are extremely limited.

And who knows, perhaps this will return Bieniemy to being the heir apparent when Reid eventually retires if everything goes well.