3 potential landing spots for Eric Bieniemy after Commanders exit

The resPected offensive mind was let go by the Commanders.

Eric Bieniemy
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Eric Bieniemy could join the Vikings

Eric Bieniemy got his first NFL coaching opportunity with the Minnesota Vikings after working his way up through the college ranks. He was the team's running backs coach before being promoted to assistant head coach. This was a solid footing and his work to ensure Adrian Peterson took the league by storm came in for significant plaudits.

Things aren't nearly as profitable for Minnesota's rushing attack these days. Their decision to release Dalvin Cook came with an expected drop in production. Young players who got more chances weren't properly developed or simply failed to take advantage of the opportunities in front of them.

The Washington Commanders' rushing attack suffered from Bieniemy's lack of balance schematically. This became an increasing frustration considering how impactful Brian Robinson Jr. became. It ended up being a harsh lesson learned during his only season with the franchise.

Working under a progressive offensive mind such as Kevin O'Connell might be exactly what Bieniemy needs at this stage of his career. He's been accused of being stuck in his ways and unwilling to alter his approach to the modern-day athlete. Seeing how the Vikings head coach goes about his business - albeit in an assistant capacity - could do wonders for his broader perception.

Whether this would mean he'd replace Minnesota's current running backs coach or the Vikings make another spot for Bieniemy is up for debate. But this return to where his NFL coaching journey began could be a win-win for all parties.