3 players Commanders could trade during 2024 NFL Draft season

Which players could Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters potentially trade before, during, or after the 2024 NFL Draft?
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Commanders could (but won't) trade Jonathan Allen

Before we get into it, trading Jonathan Allen doesn't seem likely. Adam Peters has already highlighted his desire to keep the stud defensive tackle around. But as we all know, everything can change in the blink of an eye where the NFL is concerned.

Allen cut a forlorn figure last season as another campaign spiraled into embarrassment. The veteran made no secret of his desire to spend the back end of his career on a team that harbors better chances of winning the Super Bowl. Many speculated whether the Washington Commanders would cut the cord and extract maximum value via trade as a result.

As it turned out, the appointment of Peters and - more importantly - Dan Quinn, seems to have won Allen over. He's excited to see where this new regime could take the Commanders, although time is of the essence at 29 years old with just two years and no guaranteed salary remaining on his deal.

It would be a bombshell if the Commanders parted ways with Allen. He's still a top performer despite his down year statistically in 2023. The former first-round pick out of Alabama is also the locker room's defensive alpha, providing exceptional leadership and motivation through good times and (mostly) bad.

That said, everyone has a price. The Commanders aren't in a position to turn down a whopping trade offer for Allen (or anyone else for that matter) in their current state. It would need to have extortionate value attached for Peters to even consider the possibility, especially considering the free-agent market has dried up and this draft isn't blessed with the best depth on the defensive line interior.

Allen will be around next season unless there's a drastic shift in course during or following the draft. After that, things are less certain.

If the Commanders struggle to make immediate strides under Quinn's guidance, it could be the tipping point for Allen. But if things start trending up and the player returns to his old form, one couldn't dismiss the possibility of another contract extension either.

It's a fine line…