3 new players that will thrill Washington Commanders fans in 2024

Frankie Luvu
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Jayden Daniels - Commanders QB

The Washington Commanders had a good idea of who they'd be taking at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft from a long way out. They didn't make it public and no leaks emerged from the football operation, but those in power had an inkling of who their guy was before embarking on strenuous pre-draft assessments.

After all the speculation and hearsay, Jayden Daniels was the man chosen to spearhead Washington's exciting new era.

The quarterback has all the tools needed to make a real go of this opportunity. He's a modern-day, dual-threat presence that can get supporters back in the stands and this team trending in the right direction. After making a seamless transition over early workouts, Commanders' fans are growing increasingly hopeful that their conundrum at football's most pivotal position is solved for the foreseeable future.

Daniels cannot do it alone. He needs the protection to meet their targets. Kliff Kingsbury must mold a scheme to suit his strengths. The running backs have to shoulder a share of the burden. Washington's pass-catchers need to make plays when the football comes in their direction.

After that, everything should fall into place.

There's a natural charisma to Daniels that's hard not to love. He's not the most flamboyant, but the Heisman Trophy winner moves with conviction and is someone everyone naturally gravitates towards. More importantly, he's already earned the respect of veteran teammates thanks to his exceptional work ethic and willingness to prepare effectively.

The former LSU star is off to a tremendous start. At the same time, it could be a rollercoaster campaign for Daniels given the adjustment period normally attached to rookies under center.

There will be some tough moments. They might be prolonged. But if Daniels can excite the fanbase and prove beyond doubt he's got franchise-altering credentials, that'll be a successful first campaign in a professional environment.

Looking at Daniels' exceptional mechanics, athletic gifts, and fierce inner drive, he's more than capable of attaining these feats.