3 immediate issues for Commanders owner Josh Harris in 2023

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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What are some immediate issues facing Josh Harris when the Washington Commanders officially fall under his ownership on July 20?

Josh Harris et. al. will have some crucial items at the top of their list as soon as the NFL approves their ownership. At the very top are a pair of public relations challenges.

They must repair the tattered love affair that once existed between the Washington Commanders and their passionate fans. That one shouldn’t be too hard because like all disappointed lovers, fans are willing to forgive a great deal for the promise of a fresh start.

The second PR task will prove more challenging. Harris must mend the toxic relationship that Dan Snyder created between the franchise and the local political establishment – especially with Washington, DC. That in turn will put the new owners in a position to address the single biggest hurdle they will face – getting a new stadium deal.

Harris and the Commanders will also have a variety of other important tasks to accomplish.

Will the Ron Rivera relationship continue, and if not, how will it end? You can sub in Jason Wright and Martin Mayhew and pose the same questions. These actions and decisions will have a major long-term impact on how the once-proud franchise rebuilds itself, and I suspect we will all be writing about them quite a bit in the months and years to come.

Today, let’s focus on three more immediate problems that Harris and his co-owners will need to solve. These issues could also have an impact on the team in years to come, but their consequences will be felt as soon as the 2023 season begins.

The Commanders must…