3 huge Commanders offseason needs at the 2023 midway point

The needs are becoming clearer...

Ron Rivera and Sam Howell
Ron Rivera and Sam Howell / Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders need OL improvements

Much like the situation at linebacker, many sections of the Washington Commanders fanbase were deeply concerned about the offensive line heading into the season. It wasn't the team's top priority during the draft and their two free-agent signings weren't exactly well received, so it wasn't hard to see where the potential complications could arise.

Sadly, this proved to be the case. The unit was an abomination through the first seven games, offering no consistency whatsoever and ensuring quarterback Sam Howell was on track to break the NFL's record for sacks against in a season.

Things have progressed over the last fortnight thanks to schematic changes on offense and two new faces coming into the starting lineup. Tyler Larsen and Chris Paul have provided more stability than Saahdiq Charles and Nick Gates, so hopefully they've now turned a corner.

If the Commanders conclude that Howell is the long-term answer at quarterback, their main priority should be to surround the signal-caller with everything he needs. That all starts upfront by finally prioritizing the offensive line with high-end college recruits and free agents with strong production over a consistent period.

Of course, a new general manager and head coach might see things differently. But it would be extremely harsh on Howell if he got demoted if the former fifth-round pick keeps up this level of production over Washington's final eight contests.

Besides, he's already proven how dangerous he can be with time in the pocket.