3 huge Commanders offseason needs at the 2023 midway point

The needs are becoming clearer...
Ron Rivera and Sam Howell
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Commanders need to bolster their pass-rush

There was a sense of inevitability that either Chase Young or Montez Sweat would be traded before the 2023 deadline. Especially after the Washington Commanders opted not to pick up the former No. 2 overall selections's fifth-year option.

However, the Commanders dropped an absolute bombshell by trading both for second and third-round picks. Reports suggest Sweat was the player they wanted to keep until the Chicago Bears made them a fantastic offer, which was followed by a lucrative contract extension that places the Mississippi State product among the league's highest-paid at the position.

While there is hope that the likes of K.J. Henry, Casey Toohill, James Smith-Williams, Efe Obada, and Andre Jones Jr. can pick up the slack, the jury is still out. They will get a prolonged audition between now and when the campaign concludes, but it wouldn't be surprising to see Washington's pass rush need reinforcements when the time comes to make roster decisions.

Fortunately for the Commanders, they are rich in disposable income and draft assets thanks to a tough decision to trade their two starting defensive ends. And with five selections in the top 100 as it stands, the chances of finding another capable weapon - starting or on the rotation - are relatively high.

The Commanders made a business decision to remove Sweat and Young from the equation. One that frees up financial resources to spend elsewhere and could see the organization look for younger, cheaper replacements.