3 exciting traits Frankie Luvu brings to the Commanders

The Commanders got themselves a real difference-maker...
Frankie Luvu
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Frankie Luvu brings ruthless aggression

The Washington Commanders' defense became something of a pushover last season. A lack of motivation as another campaign faded into oblivion didn't help under a lame-duck head coach. But there was no bite or fight within the group aside from one or two who held their own in difficult circumstances.

Frankie Luvu is not going to stand for that. He is a violent linebacker with bad intentions every time he steps onto the field. He's the perfect mix between the old-school enforcers and the more finesse types of the modern era. This is exactly what the Commanders have lacked since London Fletcher was manning the second level.

Luvu is aggressive and approaches every down with purpose. He trusts his outstanding instincts fully and moves with conviction. His speed and ability to change direction quickly make him a genuine sideline-to-sideline force capable of changing the game's momentum on any given down.

This style of play and the production that follows also inspire others around him. Luvu's leadership on and off the field is well documented. His controlled recklessness between the white lines also galvanizes teammates to raise their respective contributions.

The Commanders are not going to be a walkover under Luvu's watch, that's for sure. It's been a long time since the team's linebacking corps could say that.