3 elite traits quarterback Jayden Daniels brings to the Commanders

The Commanders are getting a stud...
Jayden Daniels
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Jayden Daniels' decision-making

Jayden Daniels is a seasoned quarterback with plenty of college experience. He put his extra year of eligibility to good use, conjuring a campaign at LSU that will live through the ages. This propelled him up draft boards and eventually to the Washington Commanders at No. 2 overall.

Daniels improved in one area above all else last season. His decision-making came on leaps and bounds, completing 72.2 percent of his passes and throwing just four interceptions. He saw the field much better and despite playing in the ultra-competitive SEC, the game seemed to slow down for him.

The Commanders' new franchise player is a fluid mover. The combination of slick backdrops, impressive footwork, and compact throwing release makes everything look easy for Daniels. There is some slight refinement needed in terms of pocket poise, but the timing of his throws and ability to make the correct reads couldn't be more impressive.

Again, having wide receivers such as Brian Thomas Jr. and Malik Nabers creating separation at will didn't hurt. The margins will be a lot slimmer at the next level, but if Daniels continues progressing in this area of his game and perhaps even quickens his release, the Commanders are going to have an exceptional player on their hands.

Not everyone agreed with the decision, which is fine. Many thought Drake Maye had more long-term upside, but that's completely dismissing Daniels' meteoric improvements last season. The best part? He might only be scratching the surface of what he's truly capable of.

That's a scary thought for the NFL. If the Commanders can surround Daniels with the protection needed and prolific weapons in the passing game, it's hard to envisage a scenario where he fails to meet expectations.

The environment is everything, but the player's poise, ability to come through in critical moments, and the athletic intangibles needed to keep even the shrewdest defensive minds guessing mean this could be a sensational selection that defines Adam Peters' tenure when it's all said and done.