3 elite traits quarterback Jayden Daniels brings to the Commanders

The Commanders are getting a stud...
Jayden Daniels
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Jayden Daniels' escapability

Jayden Daniels might not have the physical running style of quarterbacks such as Lamar Jackson and Cam Newton, but his threat to take off and gain significant yards on the ground will be something opposing defenses need to counteract on almost every snap. Of course, the Washington Commanders won't ask him to do it on every play, but it's a nice ace for offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury to have up his sleeve.

Daniels' poise in the pocket is exemplary. He keeps his eyes downfield and has no trouble going through progressions quickly. The signal-caller also boasts the reactionary skills to anticipate pressure arriving and evade it accordingly.

This is thanks in no small part to Daniels' on-field vision and footwork, which look NFL-ready. Once the player spots a seam or even the slightest hole, he's got the quickness to burst through, improvise when needed, and turn a potentially complicated situation into a bemusing chunk of yardage.

It's something becoming a common trend among most modern-day quarterbacks. The athleticism is growing at the position. There is still room for the prototypical pocket passer, but having this trait is going to make Daniels a nightmare to scheme against - something few in the SEC could counter effectively last season.

Daniels' knack to produce off-script has the potential to open things up elsewhere. Teams will need a quarterback spy at all times and a safety closer to the box. This opens up play-action opportunities and one-on-one outside looks - something that could reap significant rewards within Kingsbury's schematic, Air Raid-style concepts.

Not since Robert Griffin III have the Commanders boasted this sort of electric presence under center that gets fans off their seats. Hopefully, the Commanders can work on his ability to avoid big hits by sliding more effectively. His slender frame represents the only major concern, but it's also worth remembering Washington's strength and conditioning team already has a plan in place to build muscle mass gradually.

You won't be able to take your eyes off Daniels. But he is much, much more than a threat on the ground.