3 Commanders players showing signs of life under Dan Quinn

These players have taken well to Dan Quinn's improved teachings.
Dan Quinn
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Jonathan Allen - Commanders DT

It's no secret that Jonathan Allen became highly disillusioned during Ron Rivera's final season as head coach. The veteran defensive tackle's frustrations came to the fore constantly. He became sick and tired of this team promising much but delivering little. There were rumors aplenty about a trade away from the Washington Commanders as a result.

Allen is a different guy these days. The former first-round selection looks energized and excited about the franchise's direction under new head coach Dan Quinn. His smile's returned and he's looking to set the tone for others to follow. This is more in keeping with the high character influence he's displayed throughout his time in the nation's capital.

Quinn deserved praise for galvanizing Allen at a time when parting ways seemed like a realistic possibility. Those in power reaffirmed their belief in his capabilities despite a down year in 2023. They want him to remain part of their long-term plans and spearhead this exciting regime on the defensive side.

That's all Allen wanted. He wanted the Commanders to show ambition rather than just going through the motions. He wants this team to get back to their rightful place among the postseason challengers. After a frantic offseason of change, the Alabama product is suitably impressed.

This can make a huge difference for the Commanders. However, it doesn't detract from the pivotal season awaiting Allen in 2024.

He's got no guaranteed money on his deal, which expires in 2026. Allen needs to perform better and return to his alpha-like status within the locker room. Anything less could see the Commanders become more receptive to trade offers next spring.

Quinn and defensive coordinator Joe Whitt Jr. have a plan in place to get Allen firing on all cylinders next time around. They're bringing a positive reaction from the player based on early indications.

Hopefully, this is a trend that progresses long into the future.