3 Commanders players who should be benched after Week 12 loss at Cowboys

These players are no longer fit for purpose...

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Percy Butler - Commanders S

As previously mentioned and something that's become glaringly obvious throughout the season, the Washington Commanders secondary has serious issues. They are missing Darrick Forrest, granted, but those stepping to the plate need to stand up and make more of a contribution - especially when it comes to limiting big plays.

This was not Percy Butler's best effort. The second-year safety looked like a rabbit in the headlights when it came to coverage responsibilities, allowing the Dallas Cowboys offense to run riot to the tune of 45 points with the national NFL audience watching on.

Butler is a serviceable rotational piece - something many thought he'd become coming out of college as a fourth-round selection. However, asking him to fill starting responsibilities is a step too far currently.

Whether Forrest can get back before the campaign is debatable. One also has to ask what's the point in rushing him back when there is nothing else to play for other than respectability.

What the Commanders should do is install second-round pick Quan Martin into the starting lineup. Much like the situation with Emmanuel Forbes, those in positions of power don't yet know what they have in the defensive back, so throwing him in at the deep end would be the best way to assess his progress down the stretch.

That might be a little harsh on Butler, but this is a business above all else.