3 Commanders players with the quickest route to prosperity in 2024

Can these players be key factors for the Commanders this season?
Jonathan Allen
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Watching players on your favorite team either bounce back to prosperity or find a new level of greatness is one of the best experiences as a fan. On the Washington Commanders this season, there are possible cases of both.

This new coaching regime led by Dan Quinn has pumped a new-found life into this team. It's giving everyone more motivation and desire to perform well. This energy may allow players who had a down year in 2023 to jump back to prosperity this season.

The first of three Commanders players with the quickest route back to prosperity has been one of the best players on Washington since his sophomore season breakout, even with the lackluster season in 2023. Let's get to it.

Jonathan Allen - Commanders DT

After coming back from an injury that made him miss most of his rookie season, Jonathan Allen took over in 2018 and became one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL. From 2018 to 2022, he compiled 319 tackles, 32.5 sacks, 86 quarterback hits, and 47 tackles for loss. This also came with two Pro Bowl selections.

Allen has also been a leader his whole NFL career. He is a very vocal player which has made him a fan favorite. This didn’t change in 2023, as he made sure to voice his frustrations with the team, and it got noticed by the media.

Because of these frustrations, Allen’s down season had a lot to do with being fed up with the coaching staff and front office. The ownership had finally changed hands, but the front office and coaching staff were still extremely subpar and everyone knew changes were long overdue. I can’t blame him for being upset about seven years of bad to mediocre teams.

The leadership of general manager Adam Peters and head coach Dan Quinn gave the roster, including Allen, a rejuvenated sense of energy. This front office made it clear that they do not want to trade the former Alabama star. It seems he is just fine with that now.

Quinn’s defensive line saw great success with his creative schemes. The several packages confuse the offense with different looks. Strategic rotations will provide Allen with enough rest. The enhanced talent around him will allow the player to have an easy path to prosperity.

Will Allen become the top defensive tackle he was just a couple of years ago with a new sense of purpose in Washington in 2024? There's a lot to suggest it's a possibility.