3 Commanders players with the quickest route to prosperity in 2024

Can these players be key factors for the Commanders this season?
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Jahan Dotson - Commanders WR

Jahan Dotson was taken in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft by the Washington Commanders. The wide receiver had a very strong rookie season. In just 12 games, he accumulated 35 receptions for 523 receiving yards and seven touchdowns, which was tied for best among all first-year wideouts for receiving scores.

Not only were Dotson’s stats very impressive in a limited rookie season, but he passed a lot of metric and film tests as well. His yards per route run was an impressive 1.39 and his targets per route run was at 16 percent.

His elite route running was put on display if you check out his rookie season film. The separation he created was noticeable. Dotson was especially elite on deep route running, as he was able to win frequently against man coverage. However, he was able to dictate his defenders’ leverage to win easily on short routes, too.

Everything seemed to fall apart in 2023. He put up 49 receptions for 518 receiving yards and four touchdowns, this time in 16 games. His yards per route run dropped to 0.82 and his targets per route run fell to 12.6 percent. Dotson failed to consistently separate and just simply disappeared in most games.

Dotson showed flashes of his rookie season in a few games, but it was fleeting. Players usually take a step forward in Year 2. Having such a drop in productivity and efficiency is extremely alarming from the former Penn State star's perspective.

Luckily, there is still a path to getting back on track for Dotson. His job is still secure, as the only real competition added was third-round pick Luke McCaffrey, and he will likely play more of the Curtis Samuel role. The third-year pro will have plenty of opportunities this season.

The inconsistent quarterback play mixed with the bad offensive line and coaching in 2023 probably had a factor in Dotson’s subpar play. The hope is that presumed upgrades will bring the wideout back to the success he had his rookie season.

If Dotson is indeed the talent he seemed to be after his rookie year, he will level up.

We know Dotson has talent. The question is can he bounce back to prosperity and become a true good second option opposite Terry McLaurin?