3 Commanders players with the most to prove in 2023

Chase Young
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Which Washington Commanders players have the most to prove during a 2023 campaign that could come with franchise-changing ramifications?

There are high stakes aplenty for the Washington Commanders in 2023. As if the pressure on Ron Rivera's shoulders wasn't big enough after a modest three years, the presence of Josh Harris' ownership group going over things with a fine-tooth comb makes things even more precarious for the head coach.

It's not just Rivera with his future at stake. Several influential figures within the organization are also looking over their shoulder, which also puts the players on notice in pursuit of avoiding any widespread alterations.

The Commanders have talent - especially at the skill positions and on defense. However, there are a few key individuals who come into the campaign with more questions than answers.

With that in mind, here are three Commanders players with the most to prove in 2023.

Sam Cosmi - Commanders OL

Nobody knows how good Sam Cosmi could become as he enters Year 3 of his professional career. The former second-round selection didn't look comfortable protecting the edge when tasked over the last two years, so this season represents a make-or-break one as the Washington Commanders switch him to the offensive line interior.

Cosmi will have two highly experienced figures alongside him in the form of Nick Gates and Andrew Wylie - two free-agent signings made earlier this spring. This should help, but there's just no telling for sure if this transition can help the one-time Texas standout reach his potential.

If the Commanders don't like what they see from Cosmi, there are others who could fill the void. Something that would cast his long-term future with the franchise in serious doubt.