3 Commanders players on the hot seat after 2024 NFL Draft

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Dyami Brown - Commanders WR

Adam Peters didn't do much to strengthen the wide receiver room in free agency. This led many to speculate reinforcements would arrive via the 2024 NFL Draft, which was widely regarded as an exceptionally deep class for pass-catchers across all levels of the selection process.

The Washington Commanders got themselves another potential playmaker with the final pick of Day 2. Luke McCaffrey was the choice at No. 100 overall - a player with an outstanding family NFL pedigree and the upside needed to potentially carve out a successful career for himself.

McCaffrey left a big impression after transferring from a quarterback to the wide receiver spot in college. He's a work in progress given his lack of experience, but his athleticism and work ethic suggest additional improvements can arrive when the Commanders' accomplished coaching staff gets to work on polishing the prospect.

If everything goes well for McCaffrey during the preparation period, one couldn't dismiss the possibility of the wideout featuring heavily in Kliff Kingsbury's offensive scheme immediately. The Commanders also acquired Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint when the undrafted free agency frenzy began, who fell through the cracks despite his ability to create separation and assured hands.

This places Dyami Brown's future firmly under the microscope once again. The former third-round selection has blown almost every opportunity to establish himself over his first three years in Washington. Anything less than a substantial upturn in performance levels could see the new regime cut its losses entirely before the 2024 campaign.

It seems as if the Commanders are going to give Brown a genuine chance to become more influential in the passing game. The physical attributes have never been in question, it's putting everything together in a competitive environment that's become the biggest complication.

The stakes couldn't be much higher for Brown this offseason. Perhaps the additions of McCaffrey and Rosemy-Jacksaint can provide the extra sense of urgency needed to make more of an impression.