3 bombshell Commanders trade offers for No. 1 overall draft pick in 2024

Could the Commanders make a daring move up for quarterback Caleb Williams?

Adam Peters
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Commanders trade offer No. 3


Having an abundance of capital to spend might not be enough to get the Washington Commanders from No. 2 overall to control the 2024 NFL Draft. Those in power need to weigh the pros and cons behind such a landmark move for quarterback Caleb Williams. Kliff Kingsbury will recommend it, although it's also worth remembering that Drake Maye also spent considerable time within an air raid-style offense during his successful college stint at North Carolina.

Offering an established veteran still in his prime might be enough to tip the scales in Washington's favor. Jonathan Allen's name immediately comes to the forefront in this scenario despite some encouraging signs surrounding his future after the Commanders hired Adam Peters and Dan Quinn.

Allen was frustrated beyond measure throughout the 2023 season. He made no secret of his intent to consider his future once the campaign concluded. While his stance may have altered thanks to the moves made this offseason, sacrificing him for a franchise quarterback seems like a no-brainer.

Just Allen won't be nearly enough to get this deal done. Throw in the 2025 first-round pick and the compensatory third-rounder acquired when the Commanders traded Chase Young to the San Francisco 49ers, and it could be a different story.

It's a big call for Peters to make - one that will tell us plenty about how he plans to go about his business in Washington. A fascinating few weeks await.