3 bold predictions for the Commanders at Browns in Preseason Week 1

The Commanders get their preseason schedule underway in Cleveland tonight.
Chris Rodriguez Jr.
Chris Rodriguez Jr. / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders RB Chris Rodriguez Jr. goes +100 yards rushing

The Washington Commanders have their top two running backs locked in. Brian Robinson Jr. is getting the opportunity to become the long-term lead presence after catching the eye once in the lineup as a rookie, with Antonio Gibson set to be deployed as a third-down weapon that can make a huge difference in the passing game.

There also remains some intrigue surrounding Chris Rodriguez Jr. The sixth-round selection came into the fold on Eric Bieniemy's recommendation during the 2023 NFL Draft and after a rude awakening early at Washington's rookie minicamp, he's come on a great deal ever since and might carve out some sort of role for himself.

Of course, impressing in practice is one thing. But what Rodriguez manages to accomplish in a live fire setting at the Cleveland Browns tonight will be a far better-measuring stick regarding his development.

Rodriguez should get plenty of work once the starters come out. There will be plenty of butterflies in the stomach on his NFL debut, but putting this added adrenaline into decent production where it counts will see the coaching staff's confidence rise along the way.

With that in mind, we're tipping Rodriguez to go over 100 rushing yards. If he can get into the end-zone as well, it's an added bonus for the player and the Commanders.