3 attainable Commanders objectives following their 2023 bye week

It's time for the Commanders to re-evaluate their objectives...

Sam Howell
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What objectives look attainable for the Washington Commanders once Ron Rivera's squad returns from their 2023 bye week?

There are far more questions than answers surrounding the Washington Commanders right now. Head coach Ron Rivera has been unable to muster any sort of improvements in consistency from his players en route to yet another losing season. This will likely spell the end of his time at the helm once the next four games are in the history books.

It's time for a fresh start. Everyone knows it. Rivera is also fully aware of what comes next. Josh Harris' ownership group has already begun setting the wheels of change in motion.

Finding motivation to navigate the last four games of 2023 is difficult for all involved. But there needs to be a level of professionalism on the task at hand rather than looking too far into the future.

With this in mind, here are three attainable objectives for the Commanders after their 2023 bye week.

Commanders must show some pride

One could make an argument for this being the minimum requirement. It looked as if plenty of Washington Commanders had already downed tools during their Week 13 hammering at home to the Miami Dolphins. Something that cannot happen again once the team returns from its extended period of rest.

There needs to be a sense of personal pride involved here. Especially considering the large majority of this underachieving roster are fighting for their respective futures with big changes afoot.

Fans don't mind losing when they can see the Commanders are putting in maximum effort and fighting for everything. Unfortunately for the long-suffering support, it seems as if some have already checked out.