3 ambitious goals for Commanders QB Sam Howell in 2023

Sam Howell
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Commanders QB Sam Howell makes the Pro Bowl

Becoming a Pro Bowler is not the distinction it once was. While the honor doesn't hold as much weight as usual due to the game itself's diminishing value, that doesn't mean it's something players don't strive for when identifying their expectations for the upcoming campaign.

Perhaps the All-Pro selection is far more prestigious these days. But if any player has a Pro Bowl accolade, it could assist their chances of getting paid either with their current employers or on the free-agent market depending on the situation.

Sam Howell making the Pro Bowl in his first season as starting quarterback for the Washington Commanders seems like a long shot. However, it's not impossible by any stretch of the imagination.

If he performs way above the level anticipated, there could be an opening within an NFC conference that isn't nearly as deep as the signal-callers operating in the AFC. A good start is crucial, which could provide Howell with enough confidence to achieve great things for the Commanders in 2023.

The early signs point to Howell starting in Week 1 and the Arizona Cardinals represent a superb opportunity to begin on the right foot. But no matter what anyone does to prepare the second-year-pro, it'll all come down to how well he handles the pressure cooker NFL environment over a full 17-game campaign.