3 ambitious goals for Commanders QB Sam Howell in 2023

Sam Howell
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Commanders QB Sam Howell throws for 25 touchdowns

One thing that caused the Washington Commanders' demise in 2022 was a lack of red-zone conviction from whichever quarterback started under center. Something that has to change for Sam Howell to make a better go of things next time around.

Again, he cannot do it alone. The Commanders must find a way to provide more assured protection across the offensive line consistently, which became a constant source of frustration last season and left those in power with no option other than to make significant changes to this critical area of play.

Another potential complication for the Commanders is their lack of physicality within the wide receiver. That's not the only way to get open quickly, obviously, but it wouldn't hurt if a big body such as Marcus Kemp was able to make his presence felt.

Only seven quarterbacks managed to throw more than 25 touchdowns last season. No fewer than four - Tom Brady, Tua Tagovailoa, Trevor Lawrence, and Justin Herbert - reached this exact number.

If Howell managed to attain a similar mark during his first season under center in a starting capacity with the Commanders, the confidence in his long-term prospects would increase dramatically. It's a lot to ask, but these are called ambitious goals for a reason.