10 fascinating achievements from Washington Commanders franchise history

These fascinating achievements often go overlooked throughout Commanders franchise history.

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What are some fascinating achievements throughout the illustrious Washington Commanders franchise history spanning more than nine decades?

Through five different names and more than 90 years in the NFL, the Washington Commanders have had some glorious moments. As we begin a new era, let’s take a look at a few of them.

I am avoiding a “greatest play/game/season/career” construct here, in part because lots of people – myself included – have already written scads of essays on those topics. This one hopes to be a little bit different. I’m focusing on the more intriguing achievements.

I’ll divvy them up by units of time. Well, you’ll see how it works. And remember, I’m not arguing that these are the greatest achievements in the history of the franchise.

In some cases, they might be just that, but to make this list, you only have to be interesting. So let’s see what we have…

Most intriguing Commanders play

  • Frank Filchock and Andy Farkas – 1939

There have been 13 pass plays totaling 99 yards in NFL history. This was the very first, coming in a 44-14 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Frank Filchock, filling in for an injured Sammy Baugh, threw a short pass out his own end zone to running back Andy Farkas, who did the rest of the work on his own. Washington would accomplish this feat twice more in the 1960s and be on the wrong side in the 1980s.

Washington was therefore involved in four of the first five 99-yard pass plays in NFL history. And former Commanders' quarterbacks Stan Humphries, Trent Green, and Gus Frerotte would do it after leaving Washington.

Honorable Mention: Two years after his record-setting pass, Filchock would do something else that has never been equaled. He returned a blocked punt 67 yards but did not score a touchdown, the longest play of its kind in NFL history.