Commanders president adopts ‘we, not me’ approach to potential sale

(Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder and Jason Wright
(Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder and Jason Wright /

Washington Commanders team president Jason Wright has adopted a selfless attitude to the potential franchise sale by disgraced owner Dan Snyder.

While the prospect of Dan Snyder finally selling the Washington Commanders after more than two decades of misery fills almost every fan with sheer joy, it’s an uncertain time for those in the building. A new owner could come with big changes to staff, which would also have an impact on playing personnel depending on how vast the alterations become once something gets officially confirmed.

This has been a long time coming. Two official bids are now on the table that reportedly met Snyder’s asking price of $6 billion, with the world waiting to see whether Jeff Bezos also throws his hat into the ring after hiring an investment firm to examine the possibility.

Jason Wright putting the Commanders before his future

Once the Snyders take their money and run, a new era can begin. What that means for team president Jason Wright is unclear, but the respected figure is a fan before anything else and took a selfless way of looking at things with his future hanging in the balance when speaking to The Washington Times this week.

"“I don’t know what indicators they’re giving that they’re not (selling). What signal are they giving that they’re not selling the team? They could say, ‘Yes, fully aligned where things are. Let’s hit the gas pedal and go.’ Or say, ‘Hey, we need to rethink this aspect and this aspect.’ Both would be good because the most important thing we need to do is have ownership aligned and excited and engaged on a project of that scale and scope, which requires so much capital and so much thought.”"

Wright has been around long enough to know how these things work. He’s also had to sit back and watch Snyder turn the Commanders from an NFL powerhouse into the league’s laughing stock in recent years.

Dwindling attendances, a crumbling stadium, and substantial disenchantment from the Washington area in this team mean there is much work ahead. Whether Wright will be around to assist is the big question.

Wright also added that another rebrand is unlikely. Besides, there are far bigger things for any new owners to be worrying about than the mascot and team name all things considered.

We’re a little too deep onto the offseason for wholesale coaching changes. Even if the pressure on Ron Rivera and his staff will grow exponentially when the sale gets rubber-stamped.

As for Wright, he’ll have frank discussions with whoever comes on board about the vision and how he might fit into their thought process. And the front office figure would love to be a part of what could become an exciting future for the Commanders without Snyder’s dark, dreary cloud hanging over the organization.

"“I’ve gotten to know some of these folks. I’d love to work for them. They’re people that see the team as a community asset. They’re folks that are sharp business people, that want rigor in the business, that appreciate the transformation that we’ve done.”"

Wright is an asset that’s perhaps been restricted by recent controversies. Despite this, he’s carried himself with dignity, and even with his job prospects in question, he’s putting the fans and the team’s future aspirations before anything else.

That is a testament to the man. If Snyder had even half of his character, then he wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.

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