Time running out for Jeff Bezos as Commanders sale saga nears end

(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images) Jeff Bezos
(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images) Jeff Bezos /

Time is running out for Jeff Bezos to launch his bid for the Washington Commanders after two formal bids met Dan Snyder’s reported asking price.

As the NFL owners sat down to discuss various proposals and rule changes ahead of the 2023 campaign, there was finally a breakthrough in the Washington Commanders’ ownership saga. Something that means the end is near for Dan Snyder‘s tumultuous reign spanning more than two decades.

The group led by Josh Harris and Mitchell Rales – which also has Magic Johnson on board – submitted a $6 billion bid to take over the Commanders. This was swiftly followed by news that Steve Apostolopoulos also put forward the same amount for the Snyders to consider.

This came as a great relief for fans who’ve become extremely disenchanted by the way Snyder conducted business on the off-the-field. He is leaving a very rich man, but also in complete disgrace after some concerning revelations over the last year that became the catalyst behind a potential relinquishing of power.

Snyder has long been ostracized by the league. But there is now real hope that according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, an agreement will be confirmed before the 2023 NFL Draft.

Jeff Bezos must act quickly for potential Commanders’ bid

However, there is one remaining domino to fall. One that could completely shift the course of this ongoing saga.

That, of course, is Jeff Bezos.

One of the world’s wealthiest men has reportedly hired an investment firm to explore the possibility of buying the Commanders. Although Snyder has reportedly been unwilling to contemplate a bid from Bezos thanks to his ownership of The Washington Post, speculation to the contrary came about in the days before two official offers were lodged.

If this is something Bezos wants, he must act quickly. He might have the financial clout to blow the two other contenders out of the water, but time is of the essence with something set to be confirmed sooner rather than later.

Bezos’ influence in NFL circles has been growing thanks to the lucrative deal between the league and Amazon that’s only going to grow over time. Owning a franchise is the next logical step, but he might decide to wait until his hometown Seattle Seahawks becomes available to purchase when push comes to shove.

This won’t matter much to Commanders fans. They want Snyder’s reign of terror to end by any means necessary – whether that’s Bezos or someone else.

The long-suffering fanbase got their hopes up before.

However, this time feels different.

NFL owners might not want to forcibly remove Snyder, but they are desperate for his dark cloud to lift itself from the equation. So whatever prerequisites he demands to rubber stamp the deal is likely to be accepted without much pushback.

Nobody will miss Snyder. He’s brought nothing but ongoing misery to the Commanders with a stadium not fit for purpose and facilities that were lambasted in a recent NFLPA survey regarding attractive free-agent destinations.

Whether Bezos throws his hat in the ring remains to be seen. But it doesn’t look like he has long to figure this out one way or another.

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