Commanders best-ever picks in franchise history at 2023 draft spots

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Trent Murphy
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Trent Murphy /
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(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Ryan Kerrigan /

Ryan Kerrigan – Former Commanders DE

  • No. 16 overall – 2011

Like Trent Murphy, Ryan Kerrigan also shuffled between 3-4 outside linebacker and 4-3 defensive end. But unlike the second-rounder, he was a stone-cold success.

It took Kerrigan a year or two to adjust to playing from a standing position in the pros. Once he did, the inspirational figure was the heart and soul of Washington Commanders.

Kerrigan made the Pro Bowl four times and retired as the franchise’s all-time sack leader with 95.5 quarterback takedowns. After retiring, he returned to the Commanders to assume the role of assistant defensive line coach, which was a significant asset for a gifted young front to call upon.

It’s not exactly a fabulous record. But if the Commanders come out of the 2023 NFL Draft with three players as good as Kerrigan, Jerry Smith, and Eddie Saenz, along with some good depth pieces, I won’t complain.

Now, you may return to your mock drafts, where the is no real consensus about who the Commanders will take. Although the widespread thought is centered on the offensive line and some of the top cornerback prospects emerging from the collegiate level.

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