Michael Jordan’s ownership faliures have no place with Commanders

(Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports) Michael Jordan
(Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports) Michael Jordan /

Rumors are swirling about basketball legend Michael Jordan entering the Washington Commanders’ ownership race, which would be terrible news.

Michael Jordan is one of the top-two basketball players that ever lived. Whether you have him ahead or behind LeBron James is a debate for the ages, but his status among sporting icons is unquestioned.

However, when it comes to ownership, it’s not so great.

While Jordan has accumulated vast wealth thanks to his business dealings, this has not translated to sports ownership. It’s been nothing but misery for the Charlotte Hornets since he became owner, with the team staring another high-end lottery draft percentage in the face next year after a disastrous campaign to date.

According to ESPN, Jordan is now looking to cut his loss and sell the Hornets. Something that brought fresh speculation he could be part of a consortium that buys the Washington Commanders from Dan Snyder.

Could Michael Jordan launch a Commanders’ ownership bid?

Thom Loverro of the Washington Times stated via sources that Jordan could become part of a New York investment firm’s bid for the Commanders. Although nothing has been confirmed either way right now and the columnist himself was unable to get anything officially rubber-stamped.

"“FWIW: In Nov. I was told by someone who claimed inside knowledge that a NY investment firm was interested in Commanders and Michael Jordan would be part of bid. Was never able to confirm it. But their information included Jordan selling stake in Hornets.”"

This might be – and probably is – nothing. The Commanders are expected to be sold imminently if Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk’s recent article is any indication, which centered on Dan and Tanya Snyder clearing out their offices within the building in readiness for the landmark change.

Jordan’s lackluster dealings as Hornets owner should concern Commanders fans if he did throw his hat in the ring. While he is connected to the area and also played for the Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan the player is long gone and as an owner, he’s one of the NBA’s worst.

That’s the long and short of it, really. Jordan has no place in football affairs, even if this rumor was something concrete.

The Commanders have endured countless years of misery, scandal, and everything in between under Snyder. A man who seemingly has no remorse and will do whatever’s necessary to keep his dwindling reputation intact.

If Jordan came into the fold – even as a minority owner – it represents a sideways step. It’s time for a fresh start with a sense of positivity, which he wouldn’t be able to provide.

Unless there’s a drastic pendulum shift and the Hornets are sold quickly, it’s a non-starter. Especially if Snyder gets his asking price much sooner than anticipated – perhaps even before or during the upcoming NFL owners’ meetings in Arizona.

Commanders fans have been programmed to expect the unexpected. But this would be an absolute bombshell even by the team’s recent dramatic standards.

If Jordan had any sense, he’d stay well out of the way. Because there’s just no telling what another bad owner would do to the Commanders in their pursuit of returning to the NFL’s top table.

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