Is Washington Commanders sale by Dan Snyder closer than we think?

(Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports) Dan and Tanya Snyder
(Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports) Dan and Tanya Snyder /

The Washington Commanders sale by current owner Dan Snyder could be closer than we think based on a recent report from Pro Football Talk.

While the primary focus for fans has been free agency over the last few days, there remains a great deal of interest in a fascinating element transpiring behind the scenes. One that could bring renewed hope to a once-proud franchise.

It’s no secret that the Commanders’ ownership could change soon. Dan Snyder‘s ongoing disgrace remains a constant source of frustration, with emerging bidders looking to stake their claim as the billionaire continues to ignore interest from Jeff Bezos, according to the New York Post.

The NFL owners opted not to forcefully remove Snyder from the equation during their recent meeting in Florida. Perhaps to avoid further conflict with someone that is renowned for being bitter and ruthless in equal measure.

Commanders sale could be imminent according to a recent report

However, a recent report from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk came with fresh speculation Snyder’s relinquishing of power could come much sooner than anticipated. Something that could be announced when the upcoming meetings in Arizona arrive, citing multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.

"Per multiple sources, Dan and Tanya Snyder have cleared out of the team’s facility in advance of the sale of the team. As one source explained it, they left in late December. We’re also told that, within the building, the word being used regarding a potential sale is “imminent.” Multiple sources said that a sale could be approved and announced as soon as the upcoming league meetings in Arizona."

Snyder clearing out his office could mean something and nothing all at the same time. It’s clear his time running the Commanders into the ground is at an end, so this is just one part of the process to ensure he never comes into the building again once the sale is confirmed.

On the other hand, it’s highly unlikely Snyder will sell for less than his asking price, which will be an NFL record of between $6-7 billion. Unless the owners take matters into their own hands, that is.

Fans have heard all this before regarding an imminent sale. Until the situation is resolved one way or another, there shouldn’t be that much of a reaction, either way.

One thing that cannot be disputed of the magnitude of relief and happiness that will envelop the fanbase when the Commanders fall into different hands. Snyder’s brought nothing good to Washington on or off the field, so the sooner he’s gone, the better the franchise is going to be.

This doesn’t seem to be impacting preparations for the 2023 season, at least. Ron Rivera and his staff have made some decent moves in free agency and also boast eight selections during the 2023 NFL Draft to give their hopes another shot in the arm.

Whether Florio’s report turns out to be accurate or not is moot. There is now substantial momentum building behind the sale, which was further enhanced when Josh Harris and Mitchell Rales joined forces in pursuit of putting the necessary package together.

Snyder is hanging by a thread. A notion that should bring every single Commanders and NFL fan tremendous joy.

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