Has Commanders sale edged closer after significant power play?

(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder
(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder /

Has the Washington Commanders sale taken a positive step forward after an apparent power play that saw two billionaires join forces this week?

Mercifully, finally, the Washington Commanders’ ownership race could be drawing to a close. There’s a relatively long way to go just yet, but the latest developments indicate a clear frontrunner with Dan Snyder reportedly still ruling out the prospect of selling the franchise to Jeff Bezos.

Bezos owns the Washington Post – the publication that exposed the Commanders’ workplace conditions that led to all this in the first place. Therefore, in Snyder’s mind, he clearly feels aggrieved and is likely to do whatever it takes to keep the team out of his grasp.

This has become tiresome for fans, who just want a fresh start. The Commanders have gone from a laughing stock to a complete disgrace during Snyder’s tenure, with the NFLPA survey further highlighting the distinct lack of investment from current ownership ranging from the stadium to player welfare matters.

Some have questioned whether the NFL has the leverage to remove Snyder considering the recent loan accusations that they are alleged to have covered by according to three previous minority owners. However, there was an encouraging development this week that represents a significant power play between two billionaires looking for the same goal.

Billionaires join forces to buy the Commanders from Dan Snyder

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Mitchell Rales has linked up with Josh Harris to buy the Commanders. With an estimated net worth of almost $7 billion, this provides the duo with enough financial clout to meet Snyder’s asking price.

The sale was discussed at the NFL owners’ meeting in Florida this week. Although the decision to vote Snyder out was not made, there were signs that the process could go far smoother than many originally anticipated.

This is good news for the owners and the NFL. Having someone buy the Commanders rather than forcing the issue is far less complicated and allows Snyder to go out with some semblance of respect among his peers – a sentiment that isn’t shared with fans and the wider football community.

What this means on the playing side of things remains to be seen. Ron Rivera and his staff will plan for the upcoming campaign accordingly, but the head coach has been in a similar situation before with the Carolina Panthers which resulted in his removal before the 2019 season concluded.

That’s for the future. For now, fans can finally start hoping this influential duo of Harris and Rales can stump up enough cash that enables Snyder to relinquish power after overseeing a 164-220-2 record under his leadership.

While this is the biggest indicator yet that something could be imminent, Snyder is notoriously unpredictable and probably feels like he still holds the cards. Even if that couldn’t be much further from the truth if the owners have their say.

Hopefully, this reaches a satisfactory resolution that can take the Commanders forward and return them to an NFL powerhouse. Something that was never going to happen under Snyder’s penny-pinching stewardship based on recent history.

As the old saying goes, watch this space.

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