3 things to expect from Eric Bieniemy’s first Commanders presser

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Why Eric Bieniemy chose the Commanders

This is the biggest question Eric Bieniemy might be forced to answer during his introductory press conference. Why did he choose the Washington Commanders?

In all honesty, there was never a better time to get out from Andy Reid’s colossal shadow. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl and all things considered, Bieniemy had done all he could without getting the opportunity to secure a head coaching role elsewhere.

Moving to the Commanders is seen as a lateral move by some. But becoming assistant head coach also gives Bieniemy more input on the overall week-to-week strategy and increases his influence where personnel matters are concerned for good measure.

This will all help Bieniemy’s cause when it comes to convincing another team he’s worthy of another promotion. And there are enough pieces on Washington’s offense to ensure they hit the ground running under his tutelage.

Obviously, the offensive line needs upgrading and Sam Howell must progress enough if the Commanders are intent on giving him the No. 1 job. But having an experienced and revered figure like Bieniemy guiding Washington throughout the preparation period is only going to help their cause.

With other teams reportedly showing an interest in Bieniemy, it’ll be interesting to hear his thoughts about why he felt this was the right environment. Especially considering that ownership might be changing soon and the scandal that enveloped the franchise in recent months.