Dan Snyder, Tanya Snyder send message to Washington employees

Daniel Snyder and Tanya Snyder sent a message to employees of the Washington Redskins on Friday night.

The Washington Redskins franchise has experienced a lot of turmoil over the course of the past week. The organization has had to respond to a bombshell story dropped by The Washington Post shortly over 24 hours ago detailing sexual harassment experienced by 15 female Redskins employees during their times with the club.

From this story, the team has had to fire two pro personnel executives, Alex Santos and Richard Mann II, while the voice of the Redskins, Larry Michael, abruptly retired. Meanwhile, the team hired D.C. attorney Beth Wilkinson to perform a thorough review of the team’s culture. And the NFL will be monitoring that investigation closely and will likely punish team owner Dan Snyder and Co. in the form of a fine.

Snyder offered a brief statement in the wake of The Post’s article but continued to stay behind the scenes without holding a press conference, as he is wont to do.

On Friday night, he continued to speak electronically about the issues at hand. He and his wife Tanya offered another statement that was sent out to every member of their organization apologizing to “everyone affected by this situation.”

Here’s a look at the statement, via ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

One part of the message stands out above all else: “Clearly, there is work to be done to build a better organizational culture. We need to get better and the time is now.”

The team certainly does need to do better. And Snyder must face consequences for his past negligence and really make a full-throttle effort to change what has long been a toxic, dysfunctional environment in Washington. Fortunately for him, he has Ron Rivera on board to help him with that, as Rivera is the right man to lead Washington during this trying time for the organization.

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Snyder’s words are surely a decent gesture, but he must back them up with serious action to make sure nothing like this is allowed to happen again. Otherwise, the words will ring hollow. Hopefully, he’ll get things moving in the right direction quickly.