2015 NFL Draft: Redskins Draft Board 6 – 10

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Feb 21, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston throws a pass during the 2015 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston, QB

College team: Florida State

Size: 6′ 4″, 231 lbs.

Speed: 40yd-4.97, 10yd-1.74

Measurements: Arms-32″, Hands-9 and 3/8″

Jameis Winston is widely expected to be the first pick in the draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His on the field performance has generally been stellar and worthy of the first overall choice. It has been off the field where Winston’s character has come under question.

Winston has been sued by a woman claiming sexual assault, arrested for stealing crab legs although he has said they were given to him by a store employee, been suspended for using profanity while standing on a table at the student union at FSU and was arrested for a BB-gun fight at an apartment complex.


Winston has been a leader of his team at Florida State. He won his fist 26 games as a starter before losing to Oregon and Marcus Mariota in the Rose Bowl in January, 2015. Winston has also thrown at least one TD in every game he played in at FSU.

Winston’s on field character is excellent

Winston has excellent pocket presence and is able to slide and buy time with his legs to allow his receivers to get open. He has a strong-arm and can make all the throws that are necessary for an NFL QB. His touch on the ball is also excellent and he has the anticipation to deliver the ball on time.

Winston’s on field character is excellent. He is well-respected by his teammates who look to him for leadership. Winston brought FSU back to win late in many games during the 2014 season.

Winston has the field vision that all top NFL quarterbacks must have to win. He played in a more NFL style offense than most college quarterbacks do. He is viewed as ready to start early in his NFL career.


Winston had 18 interceptions in 2014 leading to questions about his decision-making. He may have not have been focusing due to his off the field problems or maybe other teams were able to test him more successfully. Winston did manage to bring his team back in all but one of those games though.

The primary concerns with Winston are his off the field problems. If his ranking was based purely on his physical ability, Winston would be #2 on the draft board behind Leonard Williams. But NFL teams cannot afford to gamble too much with players that have off the field problems such as Winston has had with scrutiny of their players at an all time high.

McCloughan would consider Winston if he was available

Redskins fit:

Although it is doubtful that he will be there when the Redskins pick at #5, McCloughan would consider Winston if he was available. With the QB problems the Redskins suffered through in 2014, they must consider other options. Winston would be given a chance to win the starting job in training camp.

If Winston is able to put all of his past problems behind him, he will be a starter in the NFL. How good he becomes would depend on his maturity and work ethic. If he doesn’t commit to being the best, he could end up being mentioned along with other top draft pick quarterbacks such as Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell and Tim Couch as one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

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