When will Commanders' front office shake-up under Adam Peters begin?

Adam Peters
Adam Peters / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

What changes can we expect from the Washington Commanders under the leadership of new general manager Adam Peters?

Adam Peters is gradually settling into his newfound responsibilities with the Washington Commanders. There is a lot of hard work ahead for the general manager, who spurned several offers from elsewhere for a chance to take on this exciting project under Josh Harris' ownership group.

Peters brings a glowing reputation as a roster-building and player evaluator. He'll lead the football operation, with Harris seemingly giving him carte blanche to turn this storied franchise around. That includes molding the staff working under him as he sees fit.

"I appreciate that from their point of view, there's uncertainty. But I've just asked them to bear with us and to just to do their jobs, to continue to run the football team. Everyone to a person has said that they care about the club, they care about the franchise, and that they want to be part of the solution."

Josh Harris via Commanders.com

Time is of the essence with important pre-draft assessment events coming up. Peters is also focusing his immediate attention on finding the right head coach. This takes priority above all else given his desire for significant coaching input as part of his roster construction and aligned vision for the franchise.

Josh Harris / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There's a fine line, for sure. Team writer Zach Selby lifted the lid on what might be ahead. He speculated that those in positions currently might be retained throughout the draft process to keep continuity. This could also potentially include Martin Mayhew staying on thanks to his previous working relationship with Peters in San Francisco.

"Now that Peters has been hired, some of those decisions can be made. It's worth noting that some members of the front office could remain with the team in different roles. [Martin] Mayhew, for example, worked with Peters when they were both with the 49ers and have a good working relationship. There's also a possibility that most of the scouting department remains intact for at least the draft process. Of course, Peters will also want to bring in new voices to the front office at some point, but for now, he needs to evaluate each person to decide whether they are a fit for the organization's new direction."

Zach Selby, Commanders.com

After the draft process concludes, all bets are off. While there might be some skepticism about keeping the same staff, it's also worth remembering Peters calls the shots now. Not Marty Hurney. Not Mayhew. Not the recently fired Ron Rivera.

Besides, Hurney knows what a first-round pick looks like. His experience in this area of the draft will be invaluable, especially with the Commanders holding the No. 2 overall selection. Mayhew might also get more of a say rather than bowing to Rivera's absolute power.

It's an interesting dynamic to follow in the coming weeks. For some, it will be a job audition in the hope of an extended stay under Peters. Who knows, that might provide the urgency needed to be more thorough and professional than ever before as the Commanders look to drag themselves out of the proverbial abyss.

Any fans approaching this offseason with trepidation thanks to the retention of front office staff from the previous regime needn't bother. Peters has it all under control and the Commanders couldn't be in safer hands.