4 lingering questions for Washington Commanders heading into Week 2

Washington Commanders, Sam Howell
Washington Commanders, Sam Howell / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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3. Will Sam Howell learn from taking so many hits and sacks?

Speaking of quarterback, Sam Howell's Week 1 could have gone a whole lot better. Granted, it was only his second career start, so he does deserve a little grace. But, the game against Arizona was alarming, to say the least.

Arizona's defense is not good. We need to understand this. They're not good, and overall, that is a team which is gunning to be the worst team in football. Still, Howell absorbed a total of six sacks on the day.

Some of the issue, overall, can be pinned on the offensive line. But, much of the problem should be squarely on Howell's shoulders for holding the ball far too long. For a young quarterback, this isn't a surprise to see. As he develops, this is a problem you'd hope to see be alleviated. But, if Washington wants to win now, and stay in contention within this division, Howell is going to have to learn and learn quickly.

Fortunately for Washington, the Broncos are coming off a game which saw them generate zero sacks on the Raiders' Jimmy Garoppolo. Now, one would assume they'll make adjustments and Howell is going to see the ground once or twice. But, can he get rid of the ball quicker? He sure needs to.