Pros and cons of Commanders making splash trade for Kyler Murray in 2024

It would be a wild move for the Commanders, that's for sure.

Washington Commanders, Kyler Murray
Washington Commanders, Kyler Murray / Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages
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Pro: An added dimension to the offense

This offense is a fun one, when it's operating at full-go. Eric Bieniemy has given Howell the green light to air it out, and he's done just that, for the good and the bad. But, giving Bieniemy a guy like Murray could open things up even more.

Murray is a true dual-threat quarterback that loves to escape pressure and make plays with his legs. He hasn't always had the best offensive line in front of him, though, which has made him a little nervous at times, resulting in feeling "ghost pressure," if you will.

The offensive line absolutely needs to be improved, with or without Murray. But, having a guy like this who can take off and make big plays with his legs will make defenses have to game-plan a whole lot differently than they currently do with Howell.

Murray has a cannon for an arm, too, despite his small stature. He can rip it. And, the Commanders have weapons. They haven't always been consistent, but the offense hasn't been consistent overall, to be fair. Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson should be more than good enough for Murray to work with, plus whatever the Commanders decide to do at tight end and the rest of the skill positions on the depth chart.