Pros and cons of Commanders making splash trade for Kyler Murray in 2024

It would be a wild move for the Commanders, that's for sure.

Washington Commanders, Kyler Murray
Washington Commanders, Kyler Murray / Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages
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Con: Damaged relationship with Howell

Let's say that, on the off-chance this Murray trade didn't work out, the Commanders wanted to go back to Sam Howell. After all, the team has liked a lot about Howell's play thus far in 2023, despite some inconsistencies and areas needing improvement.

This situation would be similar to going back to your ex after ditching them for someone you thought would end up being "the one." Take it from Howell's point of view. Howell has significantly outperformed any expectations on him for this season. Has he had his lumps? Of course. He's taken plenty of unnecessary sacks, and turning the ball over is something that needs to be improved upon.

But, Howell has shown enough that I think the Commanders can give him another year of development if they wanted to.

Of course, these guys are professionals. But, this type of scenario can also ruin a young player in terms of their confidence and development. If you make a move for Murray, maybe it's best to trade Howell. That could be what's best for both Howell and the Commanders, in the long run, so that he gets a chance to prove himself with another team and the Commanders don't have to go back to him in the future, essentially admitting failure on their part.