Scenarios for every Washington Commanders offensive lineman in 2023

Major improvements are needed across the Commanders offensive line in 2023.

Sam Cosmi
Sam Cosmi / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Chris Paul - Commanders OL

I know several people who are extremely high on Chris Paul. That gives me some hope, though I do not share their unbridled optimism.

BEST: Paul emerges as Brandon Scherff’s successor at right guard and remains there for the next decade.

WORST: Kili Lefotu – the last guard the Washington Commanders drafted in the seventh round. Presumably without the arrest record.

REALISTIC: I think Paul has some talent and plays hard. I also think his technique still has a long way to go. In his one start last season, he was far too upright, but he was also all over the field.

Paul will remain a developmental player for at least one more season – a depth piece at guard whose development will be a good marker for how effective Washington’s offensive line coaches are performing.

Ricky Stromberg - Commanders C

Ricky Stromberg, Braeden Daniels, and Sam Cosmi are the future. At least two of them have to perform. My money is on the third-round pick in 2023 having the best chance of developing into a first-rate player.

BEST: Stromberg takes over as starter by Week 8 and remains there for well beyond 2030.

WORST: Barring injury, I don’t think there is a dire worst case for Stromberg. He’ll be good. The biggest question for me is whether he will be as good as John Michael Schmitz - drafted by the New York Giants - because the Commanders could have had him in the second round.

REALISTIC: Stromberg gets a few starts late in the season and gives a strong indication that he will be Washington’s center as soon as 2024.