Scenarios for every Washington Commanders offensive lineman in 2023

Major improvements are needed across the Commanders offensive line in 2023.

Sam Cosmi
Sam Cosmi / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Sam Cosmi - Commanders OL

I wrote last year that the development of Sam Cosmi was the most important issue for this team – besides the development of a quarterback. The drafting of two linemen this year changes that a bit – but only by degree.

Cosmi’s development is still crucial. You simply can’t miss on a second-round offensive lineman when you are trying to rebuild a weak line. He is likely to play right guard this year.

BEST: Cosmi stays healthy. Plays 1,000 snaps. Grades out as the Washington Commanders' best guard since Brandon Scherff.

WORST: This is tricky because the worst-case scenario here is not that Cosmi gets hurt again. It is that he stays healthy but proves to be a mediocre player. The fact is, he has never been on the field consistently enough for us to know what he can really do.

REALISTIC: He stays healthy enough to play more than 65 percent of the team’s offensive snaps. Cosmi has not cracked 50% in either of his first two seasons.

The extended playing time and maturity lead to some modest improvement – enough so that Cosmi is seen as the unquestioned starting right guard for 2024.

Braeden Daniels - Commanders OL

Like Saahdiq Charles, Braeden Daniels is a fourth-round pick who played offensive tackle in college and may be asked to shift inside to guard in the pros. Unlike the veteran, he enters the league a couple of years older and with a lot more college experience.

BEST: Daniels proves he can play tackle. He replaces aging veteran Cornelius Lucas as the Commanders’ swing tackle this season, and is starting at one of the two spots by 2024.

WORST: Daniels can’t play tackle. He joins the logjam of unproven bodies at guard and does not earn enough time to really form any opinion about him this season.

REALISTIC: I’m 50/50 on this.

I think Daniels might stick at tackle. But overwhelming evidence from this team’s recent past suggests that is not a realistic expectation.

Therefore, I feel he ends up playing mostly inside this season. But Daniels might prove to be a pretty good guard and could be the starter on the left side by mid-season.