Ranking the nine best signings from Commanders 2024 free agency

It's was a dramatic start to Adam Peters' first recruitment period.
Jeremy Chinn
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8. Anthony Pittman - Commanders LB/ST

It's not just the offense and defense that got attention from the Washington Commanders in free agency. Once the primary targets were secured with supreme conviction, general manager Adam Peters turned to solidifying the special teams unit - something that will also play an integral role in whatever success comes the team's way next season.

Anthony Pittman was a high-priority target. He jumped at the chance to test his skills in a different environment. This also came with Lance Newmark's seal of approval, the Commanders' new assistant general manager who saw first-hand what the player could do during their time together on the Detroit Lions.

Pittman might not feature much on the linebacking rotation unless some significant injury complications arise. But his role as a core special teams force could make a huge impact alongside All-Pro Jeremy Reaves, who is back on a two-year deal and is raring to go. Considering the Commanders are hoping to be involved in more close games next season, these fine margins could be the difference between success and failure.

7. Nick Allegretti - Commanders OL

Nick Allegretti spent most of last season as a backup on the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line interior. As luck would have it, the passionate player got a chance to showcase what he could potentially do from a starting role during a critical stage of their Super Bowl title defense.

Allegretti was thrust into the limelight for the AFC Championship game thanks to Joe Thuney's injury. To say he made the most of extended reps would be an understatement, providing assured blocking during Kansas City's final two games as they went on to hoist another Vince Lombardi trophy.

This didn't go unnoticed by the Commanders, who signed Allegretti to a three-year deal in free agency. If the former seventh-round pick out of Illinois can build on this newfound momentum and win the starting left guard job outright, the odds of him providing an upgrade in production are high based on how things unfolded during the previous campaign.