Ranking Commanders' offensive position groups against NFC East rivals in 2023

How does the Washington Commanders offense compare to those within the division?

Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel
Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders position groups vs. NFC East - QB

1. Philadelphia Eagles

I suppose there are skeptics who will demand quarterback Jalen Hurts replicate his glorious 2022 season before anointing him among the league’s best. But I think we’ve seen enough.

Even if he takes a small step back in 2023 - which, statistically could happen, given the new running backs - Hurts is clearly the best quarterback in the division, and probably the best in the entire NFC conference. The Philadelphia Eagles even seem to have added the ideal backup this year in Marcus Mariota.

2. Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott was a talented-but-inconsistent quarterback coming out of Mississippi State. He remains that to this day.

The good Prescott is a well-above-average player. But you don’t always get the good. I think his success in 2023 will be largely dependent on how well the offensive line plays in front of him.

If they stay healthy and productive, Prescott should shine. If not, I expect we’ll see a lot of mistakes.

The Dallas Cowboys have a backup in Cooper Rush who would rather be an understudy for "America's Team" than a starter anywhere else. That’s a pretty sweet deal for the franchise.

3. New York Giants

Daniel Jones has played behind some of the worst offensive lines in the league. He has also thrown to some of the least dynamic receivers in the league.

The former first-rounder is clearly not an elite quarterback. But he has the skill set to be very effective if you give him a little more to work with. And Jones has had no trouble beating the Washington Commanders' vaunted defense.

Tyrod Taylor is a quality veteran backup. But if he ever had to take over for an extended period, he would probably suffer an injury as well, leaving Will Grier as the signal caller.

4. Washington Commanders

We all hope Sam Howell will soar to the rafters. I think there’s a pretty good chance it could happen. But until we see it, he is in fourth place. Jacoby Brissett rounds out the division’s quality crop of backups.

If you add it all up – in a system that I have devised myself in secret, which values the quarterback position more than any of the others - I get the Eagles way out in front, with the Giants surprisingly in second, just edging out the Cowboys, and the Commanders bringing up the rear.

But that’s just offense. Next time, we’ll look at defense and special teams.