Ranking the 7 confirmed Commanders head coaching candidates in 2024 so far

There could be more names upcoming, but this is what we have so far.

Anthony Weaver
Anthony Weaver / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Commanders could hire Anthony Weaver

  • Associate HC/DL coach | Baltimore Ravens

Honestly, I wanted to put Anthony Weaver higher on this list. Of all the confirmed targets sought out by the Washington Commanders, this could be the one legitimate wildcard.

Weaver is an up-and-comer in the coaching ranks. He's got no coordinator experience to speak of, but he's been an instrumental piece of the puzzle where the Baltimore Ravens' game-planning is concerned this season as John Harbaugh's men wrapped up the AFC's No. 1 overall seed.

The associate head coach/defensive line coach has experience as a player. He was a former second-round pick. That carries a lot of weight within the locker room. His coaching methods are respected and his leadership has come in for significant praise from those within the Ravens throughout the campaign.

More than a few eyebrows would be raised if the Commanders went in this direction. Josh Harris is reportedly looking to make a bigger splash - perhaps with someone more accomplished on the offensive side of things - but Weaver's name being on this list alone is a testament to the esteem in which he is held.

Harris has made no secret about his alluring glances towards Baltimore's model for success. Hiring Weaver might be unlikely, but it might also be a masterstroke if he impresses enough during the interview process.