Ranking the 7 confirmed Commanders head coaching candidates in 2024 so far

There could be more names upcoming, but this is what we have so far.

Anthony Weaver
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6. Commanders could hire Dan Quinn

  • Defensive Coordinator | Dallas Cowboys

Dan Quinn will be higher on most lists, and that's fine. He's a respected coach. He's a sound defensive mind leading one of the league's hottest units currently. He has previous head coaching experience with some success.

I've just got my doubts about whether he's the guy right now for the Washington Commanders.

This would indicate a retread of sorts if the Commanders went in this direction. Quinn did reach a Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons and looked on course for a ring before they collapsed from 28-3 ahead against the New England Patriots. After that, it was a gradual downward spiral that eventually concluded with his firing.

In fairness to Quinn, he's bounced back well from this significant setback. The Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator brought the best out of the gifted performers at his disposal. It's no surprise that head coaching interview requests are flying to his door. Hiring him would also weaken a divisional rival, so the benefits are there for all to see.

Josh Harris is right to do his due diligence and see what Quinn's vision for the coaching side of things would become if he got the job. There's just something in the back of my mind that suggests it would be a complete disaster.

Call it a hunch. Call it looking at his downfall in Atlanta rather than the positives. But I have a hard time with Quinn spearheading the Commanders into their exciting new era.