Ranking the 3 biggest Commanders' strengths after 2023 offseason moves

Terry McLaurin
Terry McLaurin / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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No. 1: Commanders DL group

Again, this is down to retention rather than addition. But the Washington Commanders defensive line could be on course for pure dominance in 2023 providing there are no complications on the health front.

That statement is largely focused on Chase Young. The defensive end's featured just 12 times over the last two years, so this is a make-or-break campaign upcoming for the player in relation to his long-term aspirations in Washington.

Keeping around Daron Payne means the Commanders now have a significant amount tied up in their defensive tackle tandem. Jonathan Allen remains a model of consistency, so this pair could be the league's best with any further improvements next season.

Montez Sweat should be highly motivated in a contract year, which is another positive even though it might provide some financial complications long-term. Efe Obada is back and the Commanders also picked up a development pass-rusher in the form of K.J. Henry, who has decent athletic upside.

Couple this with the return to health of interior lineman Phidarian Mathis, and stopping the Commanders' defensive front is going to be a tough proposition for even the more elite offensive lines on Washington's schedule in 2023.