Pro Bowler outlines glaring reason behind Eric Bieniemy's head coach snub

Eric Bieniemy faces a long road back to head coaching consideration.

Eric Bieniemy
Eric Bieniemy / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Orlando Brown Jr. outlined why he believes former Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy doesn't have a head coaching job.

Once the Washington Commanders hired Kliff Kingsbury to be their next offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy's fate became sealed. It's something he probably expected. It's also a body blow to his chances of ever becoming an NFL head coach.

Aside from an interview with the Commanders, Bieniemy was completely overlooked during the recently concluded hiring cycle. If the window was slightly open before, it seems to have slammed shut quickly. The play-caller bet on himself by leaving the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, things didn't go as he hoped.

Bieniemy is now looking for alternative employment. This might have to be as an assistant or position coach somewhere with coordinator spots full around the league. Speculation continues to grow around a return to the Chiefs once their Super Bowl commitments conclude. Speaking to the team before their AFC championship showdown against the Baltimore Ravens only fanned the flames further.

Orlando Brown Jr. lifts the lid on Eric Bieniemy

Regardless of where he ends up next, it's a long road back to head coaching contention after faltering with the Commanders. A current player who worked under him in Kansas City believes he has the answer as to why Bieniemy remains snubbed.

During an appearance on Nightcap with Shannon Sharpe and Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson, four-time Pro Bowler Orlando Brown Jr. revealed that Bieniemy's old-school methods could be holding him back. He spoke about owners wanting someone they can relate to. He's witnessed bust-ups with players and coaches alike. But the former third-round pick did praise his ex-coach for bringing the best out of him despite such high demands.

"It's really unfortunate because - and I hate to put it like this - often times ownership ends up in a situation where they look for a guy they can relate to and feel comfortable with. If you own a business and looking to hire, you'd be looking for that too. Often times I think EB [Eric Bieniemy] has gotten caught in the wing of that in terms of how he is as a coach. He's a great coach, but he's old school and he's gonna let you know. I've seen him get into it with 15 [Patrick Mahomes], coach [Andy] Reid, he's the real deal. That's what I appreciated about him as a coach, his attention to detail he came with on a daily basis, his energy. I don't wanna take too much away from players, but he's one of the things that kept the engine rolling. Teams want to hire that young QB mind to lock him up for a long time. It's weird to see how the game has gone."

Orlando Brown Jr. via Nightcap

This seems to be the consensus surrounding Bieniemy. He's stuck in his ways and unwilling to change. He's been accused of being unable to adapt to the modern-day player. While this is done with the best intentions, it doesn't always bring about the right responses.

The game has changed, for good or bad. Players get paid more than ever. Some don't take well to being signaled out for criticism in front of their teammates. Others thrive under this pressure, but it's not hard to see why Bieniemy might rub some people up the wrong way.

Perhaps going back to Kansas City, taking stock of his situation, and going from there represents the best course of action. Bieniemy will roll with the punches and continue doing what he loves. It might not end up with a head coaching gig, but there are more ways than that to make a lasting contribution.