Stay or go? Predicting the future of 2024 Commanders free agents at midseason

Jacoby Brissett
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Casey Toohill - Commanders DE

The Washington Commanders took the difficult decision to trade Montez Sweat and Chase Young before the deadline. This was done with the future in mind, which also gave the likes of Casey Toohill a chance to shine. Something he'd done relatively well from a rotational role in pursuit of a new deal.

Verdict: Extension

Toohill's getting a lengthy audition in the coming weeks. Based on his performance levels with limited sample size, the defensive end looks more than capable of getting another short-term deal to continue his encouraging development in Washington.

James Smith-Williams - Commanders DE

James Smith-Williams is another seventh-round selection that the Commanders are counting on more after trading Sweat and Young. He's arguably been more productive than Toohill and boasts more experience, so there's plenty to like about his chances of moving forward in Washington with a strong finish to 2023.

Verdict: Extension

Every good team needs hard-working players like Smith-Williams who can step in at a moment's notice to produce. If the same trend continues over the season's second half, extending him is a no-brainer.

Kamren Curl - Commanders S

This is the No. 1 priority above all else. Now that the Commanders don't have to worry about Sweat or Young, tying down gifted safety Kamren Curl is of paramount importance - something the former seventh-round pick richly deserves after an exceptional start to his NFL career.

Verdict: Extension

Curl is one of the team's leaders on defense and someone others look to for inspiration. His coverage ability has leaped forward this season, which makes him close to the total package on the backend and someone who could be a foundational piece for Washington's future.

Brandon Dillion - Commanders TE (ERFA)

Brandon Dillon is another on injured/reserve after not contributing whatsoever. The tight end hasn't seen an NFL field during the regular season since 2021, which makes his future in Washington murky at best.

Verdict: Departure

Not tendering Dillion is the only likely course of action. What happens across the rest of Washington's tight end room next spring is a bigger question.